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4 Ways to Improve Document Management and Save You Money

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, Jun 29, 2018 @ 08:33 AM


When you’re running a business it can often seem like all you do is spend money, taking away from your bottom line. So when an opportunity comes along to save money and boost productivity, it may seem too good to be true. But with smarter document management you can do just that, and it can be easy to implement, as well.

  1. Do a print analysis. Print can be one of the biggest expenses for businesses, right behind rent and payroll, and it can also be a big area of waste. A print analysis done by a Managed Print Service provider can give you valuable insights into your print habits. With this information you can pinpoint outdated equipment that is costing you more than its worth and identify wasteful print practices. An MPS provider can save you as much as 30% on your print costs by helping you optimize your print environment and document management systems.
  2. Print smarter. Color printing is expensive. By changing your printer defaults from color to black and white, you can automatically save money with every printed document. Double-sided printing by default is another way to reduce your expenses. Pull-printing, i.e. printing a document only when the employee is at the printer to take it, reduces wasteful printing as well.
  3. Digitize. Using digital documents is both less expensive and more efficient. Documents can be indexed for simple searching, and stored on-site or in the cloud for easy access anywhere. With digital documents, you’ll reduce your storage space needs and minimize the risk of lost documents. Digital documents can also enhance your security, saving you money in the long run.
  4. Use the cloud. Cloud computing allows you to store your documents and applications in the cloud so they can be accessed via an Internet connection. This flexibility reduces your reliance on print, while allowing collaboration to take place at geographically distant places. Employees can work in the office or remotely seamlessly, keeping efficiency and productivity rates up – along with your bottom line.

It’s not always easy to save money, but improving your document management is a great place to start. Today’s digital technology can transform the way you do business and cut out a significant amount of print spending. With printing being the third largest cost for many businesses, cutting this expense can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

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Revolutionize your Business with Electronic Document Management

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Jan 31, 2018 @ 11:01 AM


How much paperwork does your business handle each day? For many companies, the amount is overwhelming - leading to errors, missed deadlines and lost documents. With electronic data management and automated processes, you can get your paperwork under control, and reap the benefits of a more organized document environment.

Document Routing and Reminders

Many delays in business come when documents aren't handled appropriately and in a timely manner. Electronic document management helps alleviate this problem by automatically performing prescribed tasks and routing the document to the appropriate people. Notifications, alerts and reminders can all be sent to keep everyone on task so the project keeps flowing steadily along.

Tracking and Audits

As the document is routed to the people who need to take action on it, your document management software is tracking its every move. This means that as a manager, you can see where it is in its workflow, and makes employees more accountable for their work. When the time comes for an audit, this tracking and management makes it easy to produce the necessary data.

Error Reduction

Lost or misfiled documents can cost your business significantly. Automatic workflows and electronic management help reduce these occurrences by reducing the need for manual data entry, indexing files for keyword searching and automated data backups.

Improved Collaboration

When your documents are available 24/7, employees can get more done. Electronic document management improves the flow of your documents, while automatic notifications let everyone know what they need to be doing on the job at a given time. All this adds up to better collaboration and faster turnaround times.

Your Bottom Line

Electronic document management ultimately improves your bottom line, helping you to grow your business. By reducing the time it takes to produce reports, improving collaboration, and minimizing errors, you can enjoy greater productivity and cost reductions.

If you have a paperwork problem, electronic document management may be your solution. By restructuring the way you deal with your documents, you can realize many benefits for your business. Companies of all sizes and across industries are finding that electronic document management is revolutionizing the way they do business, and it can do the same for you.

Contact a TDS IT respresentive today and we'd be happy to discuss the benefits electronic document management can bring to your business.

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Why Aren't More Businesses Embracing the Paperless Office?

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Oct 07, 2015 @ 10:02 AM

 paperless (5)

Has your company considered going paperless, but has yet to make the leap?  You're not alone; read on to learn what is holding some companies back.

Force of Habit

The invention of the office copier revolutionized the business realm, and an entire culture was formed around the ritual of copying, printing and filing. That ritual is so firmly ingrained in many companies, that they can't imagine managing their data any other way. However, employees who have experienced a secure digital system of indexed, searchable and sharable documents welcome the time savings the technology allows.

Fear of the Unknown

Deciding to implement the change to paperless, and following through are two different things. While most businesses understand the benefits, the magnitude of the job can be overwhelming. Fortunately, advancements in conversion and capture of data have made this process much easier, and can be completed in stages, making the task less daunting. 

Stalling Tactics

After investigating the scope of the work and deciding to transition to a more paperless office, realizing a financial investment is required can force some businesses to put it on the backburner.  They don't realize that the process can be done gradually, as time and money allow, making it an affordable option. 

Failure to Comply

Many find change uncomfortable, and prefer to stick with what they know. The thought of having to learn an entirely new system of data management or relinquishing control over their current system can be a deterrent for some.  Going paperless doesn't mean you'll never use paper again - it's more about reducing paper volume rather than eliminating it entirely. 

Every organization wants to increase efficiency, production and their bottom line, and going paperless can help to achieve all three. Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider can help make the transition to paperless a seamless one. 

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Print Assessment 101

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Jul 22, 2015 @ 10:20 AM

print assessment

If you're looking for ways to reduce your office budget, but think you've exhausted every option, think again. The office print environment is an area where substantial savings can often be had. A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can help starting with a detailed print assessment designed to identify where your money is being spent, opportunities to reduce costs, increase productivity and cut down on waste. 

What Is A Print Assessment?

A print assessment encompasses the monitoring of all print devices in your organization, over a set period of time. Once the information is gathered, a detailed report is presented, along with opportunities for improvement. Thanks to recent inroads in technology, software used to gather print data is quick, easy and accurate allowing businesses to gain an immediate understanding of their print network. 

What to Expect

Your print assessment may be carried out in a variety of ways, depending on the size and scope of your organization. Options include:

  • Walk About - For non-networked devices, or smaller operations, a walk around the office can yield significant results. By taking an inventory of all non-networked and networked devices, and running a configuration sheet at the start and end of the day, you can get an estimate of average daily print volumes. From there, volumes can be projected for a set period of time, and the necessary adjustments can be made. 
  • Deploying Print Assessment Software - For managers wishing to gain valuable insight into their actual cost of printing, print volumes and workflow, print assessment software can provide a more in-depth picture. 
  • Onsite Services - Perfect for large scale operations, businesses with multiple offices, or for those operating on an international level. A more in-depth assessment may be required, as bigger organizations tend to have less transparency in regards to expenses due to a fragmented print network. 

An MPS provider will work with you to improve and streamline your print environment. A print assessment is the first step in this process and one that can generate immediate savings. Most organizations view printing as a necessary cost of doing business, but left unmanaged, can result in inefficiency, overspending and unnecessary waste. Partnering with an experienced MPS provider, is the best way to avoid these pitfalls, leaving you more time and resources to put towards growing your business. 

For a no-obligation print environment assessment, contact us today.

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Why You Need A Document Management Solution For Your Business

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 @ 01:47 PM

Document Management Solution

Back in 1975, Business Week published an article entitled “The Office of the Future” which predicted that by 1990 the paperless office would arrive, and we’d all be free! Well the fact is, we’re still waiting. Every year the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper according to the US EPA, even though the technology exists to significantly curtail paper use in the workplace.

Do you know what your office paperwork is actually costing you? Consider these facts courtesy of The Paperless Project:

            • As much as 80% of the information in your office is retained on paper

            • The average cost of processing an invoice is $24

            • The average office prints in excess of 10,000 pages per year, 17% are never used

            • It can cost up to $125 to locate a misfiled document

            • 75% of small to medium sized businesses have no disaster recovery plan!

Accidents can happen and the time to be prepared is before they do. Studies have shown that 70% of businesses operating without a disaster plan would fail within three weeks after a catastrophic loss of paper documents caused by a fire or flood. You need a document management plan not only to streamline your daily operations and save money, but also to protect you from any unforeseen disaster that could wipe-out years of hard work!

Today’s technology offers solutions. Multifunction devices are networkable, Internet compatible and come with internal storage.  Using a software solution like Xerox’s ConnectKey is an easy way to implement document management into your workflow. ConnectKey allows your employees to scan, print, share, store, collaborate on and save documents. Because it’s cloud based, it’s easy to automate offsite backup to help prepare your company for unforeseen circumstances.

Because documents are stored digitally, they’re searchable using a variety of methods. That means no more misfiled documents, and no more expensive downtime spent searching. Because documents can be shared, collaboration is incredibly easy and efficient. Automated back-up means that in the event of a disaster, your documents are safely stored offsite making it easier to keep your business up and running when disaster strikes.

Want to know more? Schedule a free print environment assessment or download our MPS ebook featuring the "TDS Document Efficiency Checklist".  


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Who Pays to Remove the Old Copier From Your Office – Is It You???

Posted by Tim Stanley on Fri, Nov 15, 2013 @ 01:53 PM

TDS copier removal

When the time comes to finally replace your copier with a multifunction printer (MFP) or another device, many business owners or managers are happy to see the old machine go.  But before the copier leaves your building you should be aware of the costs that can be incurred for copier removal.

Typical copier lease agreements have a three to five year term.  In the agreement there are typically stipulations outlining the removal of the copier when the lease expires or if the copier is to be removed before the term of the lease is completed.  Hefty fees can be involved in these cases.

As with any lease agreement business owners and managers should carefully review the entire lease before signing.  Far too many times, however, the copier removal fees happen by surprise because that portion of the lease was overlooked or misinterpreted.

Copier leases can have two different options available.  The first is for the business to completely manage and pay for preparation, transport and shipping expenses for the copier removal.  The second option is for the business to have the copier company handle all of the preparation and transportation expenses.  Both situations can be quite costly for the business.

Copiers are not easily transported because they are heavy and contain toner or ink that must be carefully moved.  Copiers are delicate devices that can be broken if not properly protected during the removal process.

Thoroughly reviewing your copier lease is the best way to avoid the surprise copier removal fees.  Xerox takes pride in having an end of lease program that is business-friendly and can protect you from unanticipated expenses.

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Get to Know The Cloud and How it Can Improve Efficiency

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, May 16, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

get to know the cloud

You can’t read a business article or blog these days without seeing mention of cloud technology and how this newish advancement can be a silver bullet for boosting productivity and a the bottom line.

Cloud jobs are growing as the technology continues to emerge, and recent findings have indicated that more and more CIOs worldwide are committing significant amounts of their annual budget on investing in cloud technology in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

As the cloud plays into more and more aspects of office life, it should be no surprise that it also can enhance Managed Print Services (MPS) in several significant ways. And not just for large corporations. Even small businesses can see huge advantages in using cloud-based MPS services, including:

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Better Document Storage
  • Increased Cost Savings
  • More Eco-friendly Practices
  • Mobile printing and more

Boosting MPS benefits with the Cloud

Let’s take a closer look at how the cloud can better print and manage documents. Xerox has been a player in the cloud for several years, and has proven how integrating the latest cloud technology into document management can improve the process.

First, the unification of all MPS services under the cloud can help you streamline your infrastructure, give you a lower cost structure and boost your productivity at the same time. More productivity leads to lower costs and higher profits.

Secondly (and maybe one of the biggest advantages), the cloud can reduce your need for internal document storage. By keeping your documents digital and securely stored in the cloud you save physical space in your office as well as increase convenience. Digital documents can be easily retrieved from the cloud from virtually anywhere—from any device.

Storing documents securely in the cloud also makes your company more eco-friendly. And we all want to be a little greener, right?

Mobile printing too. From anywhere, with any device

When Managed Print Services and the cloud work together, it can bring to the invaluable ability for you and your workers to print while even out of the office. With the cloud, you can upload documents into the server and keep them there until your reach a destination where you want to print them. This eliminates third parties and keeps private documents more private. Pretty convenient, right? And all you need is the Internet to make it happen.

A very cloudy (and bright) future

In short, the cloud is here to stay. It is an integral piece of simplifying the way your office works, offers many advantages in security and convenience and is scalable to work with businesses both large and small alike.  

To find out how your business can save up to 30% in print costs in 30 days, click here: 

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Improve Overall Office Efficiency with Docushare

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

describe the image

Every type of business has a workflow, studying it can help you determine what’s working and what’s not.  When it comes to document management and workflow, the same holds true. Identifying any problems or inefficiencies is the first step towards improving the effectiveness of creation, distribution, and approval of documents within your office. One of the best and easiest ways to achieve these results is to implement a content management platform to your office environment, in the form of easy to use software like DocuShare; read on to find out more.

Key Features

  • Supports all types of files, from emails to scanned documents.
  • Quick indexing, to help make searching and retrieving a breeze.
  • Multi-level security including:
    • SSL encryption
    • HIPPA compliant password protection
    • Individual event and audit logs.
  • Enhanced support for collaborative environments including:
    • Automatic rerouting of content under review
    • Web content management
    • Email management
  • Increased content management including:
    • Check in and check out.
    • Access to content is related to job requirements, thanks to flexible user levels.
    • Searching and indexing are open to both metadata and full text.
    • Achieve control over archiving and content expiration.

Collaboration Features

Team projects and documents can be completed with ease, as this software improves efficiency through collaborative features such as workspaces, blogs, wiki content and document approval and routing.  


The benefits of content management are widespread, with often-dramatic results within a short period of time:

  • By using less energy, paper and a significant reduction in shipping, your company’s carbon footprint becomes a lot smaller.
  • Operational costs are greatly reduced.
  • Time spent searching for information can be reduced by up to 80 percent.
  • Tight security measures reduce the risk factor and improve overall control.
  • Business processes that used to take weeks now take only minutes.
  • Customer satisfaction increases as information is quickly processed.
  • Employee efficiency reaches new heights as more work gets done in less time, reducing overhead as well as labor costs.

How Does It Work?

A few clicks of the mouse are all it takes for users to access, share or process information. Digital files can be uploaded, and paper documents scanned in to any multi function printer outfitted with this technology. From there, documents are automatically directed to the correct location or person.

DocuShare was designed for larger organizations and is capable of managing tens of thousands of users handling millions of documents. It is both scalable and flexible, making it adaptable to any work environment.  

Rule And Regulation Enforcement

The ability to see who did what and when allows for the documentation of highly accurate audit trails. For those organizations that must follow standards and regulations such as HIPPA, OSHA, ISO 900, JCAHO and others, internal policies can be quickly and easily adapted and enforced.

Document management is all about improving your company’s document workflow. The results of a successful program are reduced costs, increased productivity and security and an enhanced workflow. Ease of access to all users within your organizational system allows for the efficient sharing and processing of your information resulting in a streamlined workflow that can help you increase customer satisfaction as well as your bottom line.

To find out how much your company is currently spending on print, click here for your free print assessment: 

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The Benefits of Paper to Digital Software

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Nov 29, 2012 @ 08:30 AM



The Benefits of Paper to Digital SoftwareScan to PC is a software intelligence that provides a way to keep information stored in a virtual database instead of using physical paper documents. The software concept was imagined by a group of employees looking to create a recycling program at work, they got to thinking: "how can we eliminate printing altogether?". The software is adaptable to almost any business and has very significant benefits from healthcare professionals to the legal industry. The software also has a significant environmental upside in its ability to reduce paper waste. 

Key features 

  • The ability to have all your information in one place in either Microsoft or PDF files.
  • Customized access, so that users will have information ready based on their profile.
  • Workflow processing that sends all the information to the right place automatically without you having to direct it.
  • Government standard security that complies with all HIPAA regulations.
  • Optical Character Recognition technology, so you can scan all your pre-existing paper documents accurately.

Healthcare Upside 

 Scan to PC will make keeping patient records a great deal more organized. This will give healthcare workers an easier time while searching records, freeing up time to treat patients. With its ability to classify information, doctors can easily find certain patients and their previous medical history. Healthcare professionals will also be able to send test results straight to the specialist without having to go through the physician. Having better records of patients will also aid in research and the collaboration between physicians. 

Legal Advantage 

 Scan to PC has a considerable upside in the legal industry, since many important case files need to be tracked. Scan to PC has created the perfect database for them. With the workflow and archive organizational features of the software, legal professionals can greatly increase efficiency. Not to mention the cost reduction factor by saving money on paper, cutting down employee hours, and reducing the storage costs. 

Environmental impact 

 United States office workers use approximately 4 million tons of paper each year as a unit. To greatly reduce this number not only in the USA, but worldwide would be substantial in solving the over forestation problem we are experiencing today. To cure the sustainability problem will not be easy, but this is a big step forward. If we expect to not use up our entire resource base we must adapt to new technologies that have an environmental conscience. Technologies like this could work to greatly reduce the number of paper consumed to a portion of what it is today. 

     Scan to Pc software is ideal for any paper intensive industry and has specialized programs for many other fields then just the legal, and healthcare industries. With its ability to accurately read paper documents and organize them in such a user friendly way it has an upside for improving efficiency in almost any office. Technology like this can revolutionize the way we look up information, increasing efficiency in a noticeable way.

To learn how much your organization is spending on print, click here

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Jumpstart Productivity with an Outsourced IT Department

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Nov 01, 2012 @ 08:30 AM

outsourced ITSmall and medium businesses as well as large corporations understand that IT is a substantial expense that is often very difficult to properly measure return on investment.  Virtually every business needs a computer of some type along with other devices such as printers, copiers, scanners, network equipment and more.  There is also software to support, install and maintain that adds to the expense. 

Outsourced IT has emerged as a viable option for many businesses of all sizes.  There are distinct advantages to leveraging outsourced IT for your company:

  • Your company can focus on its core business instead of diverting valuable resources towards routine equipment maintenance or troubleshooting
  • Risks are assessed and a strategy is developed to help to mitigate those risks
  • Network analysis and management can be handled to maintain consistent and reliable performance
  • Software installation, routine maintenance and upgrades are performed consistently which will reduce the likelihood of issues or failures
  • Desktop management is handled by a provider instead of using more valuable internal resources
  • Troubleshooting is performed according to your service level agreement (SLA) with your outsourced IT provider and based on your needs
  • Service and value are easily measured to provide a quantifiable return on investment
  • Managed print services will keep the expenses associated with printing well controlled while keeping the office print processes productive

To determine the best outsourced IT provider for your specific business consider these tips:

  • While cost is a factor it should not be your only focus 
  • Carefully review your service level agreements (SLA) to make sure they will meet your business needs
  • Evaluate the technology that you currently use and make sure your provider can support that technology.  For example if you use a specific brand of printer you should find a provider that has a good reputation to support and maintain that brand
  • Your provider can work with you to identify key areas where outsourced IT would be beneficial

As one of the first steps, your provider should evaluate your internal processes and apply costs to those processes to properly compare and demonstrate value.  Make sure you include any future initiatives or expansions that could be occurring so that those expenses can be factored as well.

Outsourced IT can be a great benefit for small businesses as well as large corporations.  Each company has its own set of unique requirements, and there is no single provider that could fit every company.  Evaluate your options carefully in order to choose the right provider for you.

To find out how much your business spends on print, click here for your free print assessment.

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