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Demo the Latest Digital Press Technology: TDS Clear Toner Challenge

Posted by Tim Stanley on Mon, May 21, 2012 @ 08:58 AM

TDS BlogHeaderSince 2010 Xerox has been making the corporate space jealous of commercial printers with their Xerox Color 800 and 1000 Digital Presses. Now Xerox has once again upped the ante. The incredible speed, of up to 100 A4 pages a minute, coupled with the color enhancements from the company's patented Automated Color Quality Suite, make the 800 and 1000 Digital Presses fierce contenders. The clear coating they offer make them untouchable.

“I'm VERY impressed. They have what I consider to be the most significant capability which is the clear coating they put down on the sheet,” says Frank Romano, professor emeritus at the Rochester Institute of Technology. “That coating capability and all the other specs combined make those machines amazing products for the printing industry”. 

Regular commercial users are undoubtedly jealous of the presses ability to churn out professional-quality jobs quickly, as the presses' technology is unfortunately reserved for commercial printers mass producing flyers, newsletters, brochures and variable data documents. Jealousy would also likely stem from the machines' incredibly accurate color and image quality. Their color quality is thanks to the machines' Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS)--a set of color management software tools for the inline spectrophotometer that automate tasks that were previously manual—and time consuming-- making large color jobs easier AND faster.

The machines can even produce full-color books and photobooks thanks to the inline perfect binder. “I think the 800 and 1000 could become the defacto standard for photobooks because of the quality of what it is outputting and the ability to have clear coating,” endorses Romano. 

There are five specific new technologies added to the 800 and 1000 presses that have given them unsurpassed image quality, faster speeds and higher reliability that Xerox's commercial presses have become known for:

1. Clear Emulsion Aggregation Toner: a new formula of transparent dry ink made of Xerox's ultra low melt formula. The clear EA toner was designed by Xerox's Canadian research center to pop-off the page visually, to add emphasis to headlines, photos, watermarks, logos and images.

2. Long-Life Photoreceptor: the new protective coating Xerox has used on the photoreceptor lasts twice as long, improving the shelf life of the light-sensitive photoreceptors.

3. Seamless Intermediate Belt Transfer (IBT) System: this new belt system allows for a fifth clear toner station and makes jobs simpler for operators to setup, even with varied sized media.

4. Belt Roller Fuser (BRF): like the long-life receptor the new fuser is engineered to last twice as long. It also transfers heat more efficiently and deliver more-stable image quality.

5. Inline Belt Cooling: Xerox researchers solved the cooling issues created from high-speed presses with their new inline belt cooling system that lowers paper temperature for faster printing with better image quality output.  

The new functions of the 800/1000 Digital Presses were true feats of engineering, solving many of the endemic commercial printing press problems. “With paper moving at these speeds, there are countless engineering challenges along the way,” says David Mueller, Engineering Manager for the new presses. “The technologies we developed, especially the new fuser and clear toner, really push the envelope in terms of how these presses perform.”

The Xerox 800 and 1000 Digital Presses are still relatively new to the game but could become  a sort of industry standard for the commercial printing industry. As Romano said, “I would recommend this product to any commercial printer”.

If you are a commercial printer, quick print shop, in plant print shop or a marketing agency, the Xerox 1000 digital press is definately worth investigating.

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