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Uncover Printing's Hidden Costs

Posted by Tim Stanley on Thu, Nov 26, 2015 @ 02:25 PM


When you think about the cost of a printer it’s only natural to think of the purchase or lease price. But the other costs associated with your print environment – from materials to man-hours – definitely enter into the picture.

Is your print fleet paying off in performance and productivity – or is it a “hidden” budget drain?

To find out, consider these questions:

What are you spending in supplies? Naturally, toner is integral to your printers, but buying too much encourages waste and invites the opportunity of theft. A Managed Print Services (MPS) program includes careful monitoring of print usage, and delivers just-in-time supplies that will keep your staff productive.

Is every hard copy necessary? For virtually every business, the answer is most often “no.” Incredibly, according to The Paperless Project “45% of the paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day – this daily lifespan occurs for over a trillion sheets of paper per year, worldwide.” You’ll often find these “abandoned” hard copies scattered around the printer or dumped into a recycling bin. An MPS solution that includes digital documentation can dramatically reduce the need to make hard copies, saving paper and other resources.

Are “high print quality” and “color” your printer defaults? Toner is a valuable resource – and a pricy one – so saving it can drive down material cost. For everyday needs, most prints don’t require high quality or color. As well, printing on both sides of the page can save paper in the short and long run. An MPS program includes employee training on best practices for practical printing.

Is your equipment aligned to today’s mobile and cloud technology? A mobile printing solution ensures that employees can securely create, share and store documentation from virtually any location – again, boosting productivity.

Talk to an MPS provider today about how you can start boosting productivity and lowering your print costs.

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Why Aren't More Businesses Embracing the Paperless Office?

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Oct 07, 2015 @ 10:02 AM

 paperless (5)

Has your company considered going paperless, but has yet to make the leap?  You're not alone; read on to learn what is holding some companies back.

Force of Habit

The invention of the office copier revolutionized the business realm, and an entire culture was formed around the ritual of copying, printing and filing. That ritual is so firmly ingrained in many companies, that they can't imagine managing their data any other way. However, employees who have experienced a secure digital system of indexed, searchable and sharable documents welcome the time savings the technology allows.

Fear of the Unknown

Deciding to implement the change to paperless, and following through are two different things. While most businesses understand the benefits, the magnitude of the job can be overwhelming. Fortunately, advancements in conversion and capture of data have made this process much easier, and can be completed in stages, making the task less daunting. 

Stalling Tactics

After investigating the scope of the work and deciding to transition to a more paperless office, realizing a financial investment is required can force some businesses to put it on the backburner.  They don't realize that the process can be done gradually, as time and money allow, making it an affordable option. 

Failure to Comply

Many find change uncomfortable, and prefer to stick with what they know. The thought of having to learn an entirely new system of data management or relinquishing control over their current system can be a deterrent for some.  Going paperless doesn't mean you'll never use paper again - it's more about reducing paper volume rather than eliminating it entirely. 

Every organization wants to increase efficiency, production and their bottom line, and going paperless can help to achieve all three. Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider can help make the transition to paperless a seamless one. 

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Manage Your Color Print For Cost Savings

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Mar 25, 2015 @ 10:22 AM

manage color print costsThe office print environment is often the last unaudited department in many businesses. The lack of even the most basic controls can be costing your business significant money. Think about it, anyone with a mouse is making a buying decision every time they print a document in color rather than black and white. Color prints are expensive, ranging from 10 to 80 cents per page depending on the output device.

Implementing controls can lower your cost, reduce waste, and save money. Here are four steps to take that will get your print environment under control.

1. Create a Formal Print Policy - Studies have shown that merely mentioning the implementation of a print monitoring policy can reduce unnecessary color printing by as much as 10 percent! Set up simple rules like always printing two-sided documents, or assigning color print on an as needed basis to your lowest cost device can offer immediate cost savings.

2. Reset Printer Defaults - Your print driver can save you money! Resetting your printer default to print two-sided documents takes just a few seconds and can cut your paper use in half! Setting the default to print only black and white can save on expensive color toner. You can dive deeper and set protocols for specific documents like email, PDFs, and PowerPoint slides as well.

3. Put A Managed Print Program In Place - A Managed Print Program is technology driven – it utilizes software that allows you to set restrictions on both device and user protocols. This step alone can reduce waste by up to 30 percent. Restricting color print for several key employees, for example, will save you money and less waste means better sustainability!

4. Use Predominantly Monochrome or Black and White Devices - The fact is, most of your employees don’t need to print color documents. Restrict color to one low cost device and implement strict user controls. Making the majority of your printing devices black and white will lower toner costs significantly. Remember, black and white requires one cartridge, while color print requires four or more. You’ll save money on toner and use less supplies.

These four simple steps will cut waste, reduce consumable use and save you money. If you would like even more great ideas, consider consulting a professional Managed Print Services provider for solutions to get your print environment under control. Implementing print controls is a smart business decision that will translate directly into bottom-line savings for your business!

To find out how much your business spends on print, click here for your free print assessment: 

Print Assessment

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3 Scary Facts About Office Printing

Posted by Tim Stanley on Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 04:55 PM

halloween (1)The cost of doing business is continually on the rise, but while you may not have control over escalating prices, you do have control over your own office print behaviors. Failing to keep track of what is being printed and by whom, can be a costly mistake, but one that is easily corrected. Controlling office print, and taking back command of your budget, starts with a print assessment, to determine the true cost of printing in your office.

Three Scary Office Print Behaviors You'll Want to Avoid

  1. Hidden Costs. Around 40 percent of print supplies are obtained without prior approval, leading to several potential issues:

  • A variety of machines, purchased according to the immediate need and low price point, from big box retailers. 

  • Pricey consumables from a mix of manufacturers, leading to a large, unmanageable inventory.

  • The cost of these machines and their consumables may be hidden within departmental budgets, making it impossible to determine the cost of printing. 

  • Uncontrolled Spending. Controlling office print gives you back control over your budget. Without print rules in place, every employee with access to a printer is capable of unlimited spending at your expense. Color copies may cost as much as a dollar per unit depending on toner coverage, and that alone is a great reason to regain control over office print behaviors. 

  • Unnecessary Waste. Between 60 and 80 percent of used cartridges wind up in landfills each year, where they take over one thousand years to decompose. By implementing a formal recycling process, your office can cut costs and help the environment

  • A complimentary print assessment is quick and easy, and can help determine the true cost of printing in your office, and identify areas where you can start to save. Controlling office print can result in immediate savings, increasing your bottom line and leaving you more time to concentrate on what really matters - growing your business.

    To find out how much your business spends on print, click here for your free print assessment: 

    Print Assessment

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