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Preventing Malware Attacks 101

Posted by Tim Stanley no Wed, Dec 09, 2015 @ 10:40 AM


The threat of malware attacks is not expected to slow down; on the contrary, vicious malware attacks are expected to amplify over the coming years.  The sophistication of this type of malicious software has made it very difficult to detect and block.

To keep yourself and your business safe, here are some basic tips:

  • Update or install security software – Make sure your security software detects and blocks malware and it is kept up to date in order to prevent new versions from penetrating your network.
  • Links and attachments – Whenever you or any of your personnel receive a link or attachment in an email be sure to verify before opening.  Confirm the link is from a trustworthy source that you know. The attachment should be scanned for viruses and malware even if it has come from a reliable source.
  • Educate your employees – Hold periodic training sessions with your staff to make sure they understand the dangers of malware and how they can help keep the company safe from attacks.
  • Bringing outside devices – USB drives, laptops, tablets or other devices could easily transmit malware onto your network once connected.  Reduce the chances of transmitting these viruses by having strict security policies in place for connecting these devices.

For more information on how to prevent malware attacks, work with a knowledgeable Managed IT professional who can objectively review your current security capabilities and provide insight on ways to improve.

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